اعدادات تايون سيس 

6200 series supports flexible VPN applications including VPN pass-through, client-to-VPN gateway and VPN LAN-to-LAN


TaiwanSys (1)It features IPSec VPN up to 12 encrypted tunnels for secure data communications between remote sites, home offices, and mobile users across public IP networks like the Internet. It also supports up-to-date 3DES and AES for data encryptions as well as MD5/SHA-1 and manual/IKE key for authentication.

The Quality of Service (QoS) features allow users to allocate network resources effectively. By classifying the priority of services, the powerful bandwidth management functions increase efficiency on latency-sensitive applications such as VolP, video streaming, video conferencing and interactive game.

TaiwanSys 6200 series enables service providers to offer symmetrical high-speed Ethernet service or point-to-point connectivity to their enterprise customers. It is the ideal copper-based Ethernet solution for quick deployment of standardized, reliable and secure services with carrier-class OAM and comprehensive management options.


  • Extending Ethernet Services to sites with existing copper infrastructure
  • Business-class Ethernet services with flexibility of mapping user traffic into Ethernet flows
  • EFM Bonding up to 61 Mbps (4 pairs, TC-PAM 128)
  • Support both EFM mode and ATM mode
  • IPSec VPN for safeguarded connections
  • Flexible and Rapid Service Deployment
  • Support EFM OAM complying IEEE 802.3ah
  • Low Delay, Jitter and Packet Loss for delay sensitive applications


LAN Interfaces


  • 4-Ports 10/100M Switch,
  • Auto-negotiation for 10/100Base-TX and Half/Full Duplex
  • Auto-MDIX
  • 802.1P Tag
  • IPv4 TOS/DiffServ
  • Class-based Prioritization and
    Class-based Traffic Shaping
  • Class-based DSCP Mark
  • Up to 8 priority queues

WAN Interface


  • SHDSL.bis: ITU-T G.991.2 (2004) Annex A/B/F/G supported
  • Support EFM Bonding and SHDSL M-Pair mode
  • Line Code: TC-PAM 16/32/64/128
  • Data Rate:
    N x 64 Kpbs (N=3~89) using TC-PAM 16/32
    Max. 5.696Mbps (1-Pair)
    Max. 11.392Mbps (2-Pair)
    Max. 22.784Mbps (4-Pair)
    N x 64 Kbps (N=3~239) using TC-PAM 64/128
    Max. 15.296 Mbps (1-Pair)
    Max. 30.592 Mbps (2-Pair)
    Max. 61.184 Mbps (4-Pair)
  • IPSec (RFC 2411) up to 12 Tunnels
  • MD5/SHA-1 and IKE/Manual Key
  • ISAKMP (RFC 2407/2408/4306) and
    IKE v1 (RFC 2409/4109)
  • PSK
  • L2 TP/PPTP

Hardware Interface


  • 2-Port USB:
    • Supports USB 2.0
    • Supports 3.5G
  • Serial Console:
    • RJ-45 Connector
  • Factory Default Reset:
    • Push Button
  • LED:
    • Power (Green)
    • WAN: LINK/ACT (Green), one LED per pair
    • LAN (Port 1 ~ Port 4): LINK/ACT (Green:100M,Orange:10M)
    • ALARM (Red)
  • SPI (Stateful Packet lnspection) and
    DoS (Denial of Service)
  • DMZ
  • Access Control List (ACL)

Bridging and VLAN


  • IEEE 802.1D Transparent Learning Bridge
  • IEEE 802.1Q and Port Based VLAN
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Up to 2K Mac Address
  • Management via Web, Telnet and CLI
  • Support SSH
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 (RFC 1157/1901/1905) and
    MIB II (RFC 1213/1493)
  • Syslog with Remote Logging support
  • Firmware Upgrade via TFTP
  • EFM Oam (IEEE 802.3ah optional)
  • Ethernet Oam (802.3ag optional)


Operating Environment

  • Static routing and RIP v1/v2(RFC 1058/2453)
  • NAT/PAT (RFC 1631)
  • NAT Application Level Gateways
  • Skype/MSN/Yahoo Messenger (RF 2933)
  • VoIP(SIP) pass through and VPN
  • PPTP/L2TP pass through
  • Virtual Server
  • Operating Temperature: O~45°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 °C~7O°C
  • Operating Humidity: 2O%~95% (non-condensing)

Network Protocol


  • DHCP Client/Server, Relay
  • DNS Relay/Proxy, Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • IGMP v1/v2, IGMP Proxy, IGMP Snooping
  • SNTP and UPnP
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • CE Approval & EN60950 Certificate


Physical / Electrical

  • 12 PVC
  • OAM F4/F5 Loopback
  • AAL5
  • VC Multiplexing and SNAP/LLC
  • EoA (RFC 2684/RFC 1483), PPPoA
    (RFC 2364) and IPoA (RFC 1577)
  • Multiple protocol over ATM AAL5
    (MPOA, REF 1483/2684)
  • Dimensions: 18.7 x 3.3 x 14.5cm (WxHxD)
  • Power: 100~240VAC (via power adapter)
  • Power Consumption: 9 watts Max.


  • PPPoE
  • Configurable timer to auto-reconnect and
    idle times for timeout

Ordering  Information

Specification\Model 6200-2W/U    6200-4W/U 6200-8W/U
Maximum DSL wires 2-wires 4-wires 8-wires
Maximum data rate 5.69 Mbps (TC-PAM 16/32)
15.296 Mbps (TC-PAM 64/128)
11.392 Mbps (TC-PAM 16/32)
30.592 Mbps (TC-PAM 64/128)
22.784 Mbps (TC-PAM 16/32)
61.184 Mbps (TC-PAM 64/128)
2-Port USB   √   √

TaiwanSys reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.